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A bit about the epic fantasy novel I’ve been writing: 

Talvrez’s first mistake was believing he couldn’t be a hero. His second was believing his brother could.

Like every citizen of the island of Ellenestra, Talvrez is entitled to a year with a magical Power, each Power a unique reflection of the person’s personality. Unlike the other citizens of Ellenestra, Talvrez declines the chance. The blood on his hands and accompanying guilt convinces him he’s unworthy of such honors.

But family obligations require he be ready to play the hero, should the need arise. Refusing to wallow over his lack of a Power, Talvrez masterminds a plan to turn his brother Jasten into Ellenestra’s next hero instead. Jasten is everything Talvrez could hope for—loyal as the sun on a summer day and just as kind and cheerful.

But when Jasten takes his turn with a Power, he unwittingly sets the island on a long-forgotten road towards the destruction Talvrez is charged with stopping. And the woman Talvrez loves and made himself leave behind is sworn to protect the people—putting her right in Jasten’s increasingly ruinous path.

If Talvrez can’t turn a fame-blinded Jasten around, he’ll have to choose between leaving the world to the disaster Jasten has brought upon them, or destroying the brother he still believes in.

A nightmare sleeps in the bones of the island’s inhabitants. A nightmare not even a hero can stop.

But then, Talvrez has never been a hero.

Caitlin (53)

I’m currently seeking representation for my completed 110,000 word novel, BLOODSOULS OF THE FALLEN.


  1. Katja Nelson (@katjawlockjaw) July 19, 2013, 10:09 am

    Hi, we don’t know each other, but I’m a friend of Mackenzie’s and was directed here from your guest post on her blog. I just wanted to say that the plot of Nightmare Red really intrigued me, and I hope to pick it up off the shelves some day! Best wishes with your writing!

  2. I really like this so far! 😀
    I can’t wait until it comes out so I can buy it and read it! This is just the kind of stuff I love to read.
    PS. I love Talvrez’s name :).

    1. Thank you Emma! It’s the kind of stuff I like to read too so it’s fun to hear it fits someone else’s taste as well. And my husband actually came up with Talvrez’s name. I’m awfully fond of it. 🙂


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