Things I Miss About America

  • Ice cream
  • Family and friends (tough call to say who gets top billing here, but I reeeeally like ice cream, so we’ll let it slide for now. Let’s just say this list is in no particular order).
  • People who know how to stay in their lane while they’re driving. And who follow traffic rules. And who blinker.
  • The world not smelling like garbage
  • Engish
  • Mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • Ground beef
  • Wood floors and carpet!
  • Driving
  • Bookstores
  • Mint cookies and cream ice cream
  • Backyard BBQ’s. Or any kind of BBQ really.
  • Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
  • My muffin pans
  • My ice cream maker
  • That one orange shirt I decided (among dozens of others) not to pack
  • Not getting stared at
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
  • Repairmen who actually know what they’re doing
  • Reliable internet (which just dropped again for like the sixth time while I’ve been writing this post. No. Make that the seventh time).
  • Having dinners with my sisters
  • People with hair that’s not black
  • Dollars. Green dollars. I feel like I’m playing monopoly all the time over here.
  • Target
  • Tilapia that hasn’t been fed feces making it so you can’t eat it even though you just bought tons of it.
  • Raspberry lemon ice cream
  • Frozen fruit for smoothies
  • Being able to see the stars
  • Breathing less polluted air
  • Doctors I trust and believe in
  • Chocolate toffee ice cream
  • All the other ice cream’s in the world

On a happier note, I DID just find vanilla ice cream at my local grocery store that’s actually really good! And by really good, I mean, it tastes like normal vanilla ice cream! Huzzah!! There have been a lot of desserts we’ve tried out here that our American friends swear is really good and when we try it, it tastes disgusting. Like that cheesecake that was basically butter. We’ve learned to ask our friends how long they’ve been in China before trying a food they’ve recommended – the longer someone’s been out here, the more diluted their American taste buds have become.

And we’re actually really enjoying ourselves out here. It’s just good to reminisce about our home country sometimes. 🙂 Tell me, what would you miss most if you moved away from where you’re at right now?

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  1. OH, Caitlin, how sad! 🙂 I really love reading your blog. You always make me laugh and appreciate where I am. How long will you guys live there, do you know?


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