The Best Daddies

The best daddies are the ones who love to play with their babies. The ones who come home from work and are happy to give mom a break right away. The ones who can make their baby laugh every time, whether it’s by playing peek-a-boo, throwing the baby in the air, dancing around, or bouncing a ball off baby’s forehead.


The best daddies are the ones who take the late-night shift, without complaint. Who take the inconsolable baby at 3 am and snuggle in to watch a movie so mom can get some sleep. The ones who go to work bleary-eyed the next day, so that mom and dad have matching bags under their eyes. The ones who say “thanks for getting up with him in the night, hon.”


The best daddies are the ones with a sense of adventure. Who are excited to show their baby the world and how incredible it can be. The ones who get up for baby Halloween parties, who stay up late for several consecutive nights to build an astronaut costume out of electrical tape and soda bottles, and then toss on a costume of their own.


The best daddies are the ones who know how to love mommy, and show it all the time. The ones who say, without a hint of irony, “you look beautiful babe,” as you wander around the house in a bathrobe while smelling faintly of spit-up.


The best daddies are the ones who get up every morning and make breakfast before leaving for work. And then come home for lunch just because he knows that’s the best time to see the baby.


The best daddies are the ones who grab the baby on Sunday morning and give him a bath, while singing rubber ducky songs all the while. The best daddies are the ones who sing all the time, whether it’s making up your own tunes while you change a diaper, or lullabies at bedtime, or songs you wrote years ago.


The best daddies are easy to spot. Because on top of all that, you’ll see it in the smile of the baby that loves him best.