Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day

It’s still raining.

It’s been three weeks now. I miss the sunshine. Or, well, what I could see of the sunshine through the smog.

On the plus side, rain makes for delightful reading. What is it about rainy days that makes reading so much more mystical-feeling? Whatever it is, it’s working – I’ve been seriously enjoying the books I’m reading lately. Wanna see what’s on my bookshelf these days? Too bad! You can’t. I read almost exclusively on my kindle in this country. I desperately miss libraries and bookstores that stock books in my language, but my kindle has been a true gift from the heavens.

I will, however, tell you what’s on my (digital) bookshelf these days: I just finished The Whitefire Crossing by Courtney Schafer. It’s like rock climbing meets epic fantasy, so you know it’s gonna be good. I was sold on page one. 🙂

I’m halfway through The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin and it’s . . . fascinating. Such a different narrative than what I’ve come to expect.

Also reading Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie. And let me tell you, if you’ve ever thought it wouldn’t work to have a spaceship as your narrator, well, you’re wrong. Another one that sucked me in on page one (there’s been a lot of that lately – it’s delightful).

Just finished Million Dollar Outlines by David Farland a few days ago. Really great book on writing craft.

And I just downloaded A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd because hello there’s a picture of an ice cream cone on the front of it. And if there’s anything that could beat out the rock-climbing/magic combo, it just might be an ice-cream/magic combo. I’ll let you know which one wins out. 🙂

So while I go curl up and enjoy the rain with one of these, tell me – what are you reading these days? Any good recommendations? I read more than just books with magic in them, I swear. 🙂

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  1. Rereading The Way of Kings. I’m a one book at a time kind of girl. How do you decide which one to read at any given moment?
    P.S. We really miss you!!!

  2. I finished reading “Good Night Mr. Tom” by Michelle Magorian and am contemplating reading it all over again. I also have a big stack of kid and young adult novels on my nightstand, including “The Trumpet of the Swan” by E.B. White, “Homeless Bird” by Gloria Whelan, “The Witch of Blackbird Pond” by Elizabeth George Speare, “Where the Red Fern Grows” by Wilson Rawls, “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowry, “Island of the Blue Dolphins” by Scott O’Dell, “A Mystery in the Night Woods” by John Peterson, and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. With the exception of that last one, which is a paranormal romance series, the others are all ones I read as a kid or teen that I just love. I’m a serial re-reader.


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