Pixie Dust for your Friday

“Faith, trust, and pixie dust.”

– Peter Pan

We’re starting another new series today! Are you so excited?! Me too! I figure we could all use a little more “faith, trust, and pixie dust” in our lives. A little more focus on the good, the exciting, the beautiful. So that’s what I’ll give you. Your weekly pixie dust:

  • Today marks the beginning of this man‘s journey from Alaska to Florida – on a bicycle! His “campaign for good news” will feature 30 uplifting news stories from towns he bikes through. Talk about a possibilitarian!
  • These carved book landscapes are stunning. To me, they capture the beauty and adventure of books in a creative and imaginative way.
  • After talking last week about using your imagination more, I ran across this article talking about how to raise a creative child. Take a look.
  • I have a fascination with the universe, so I loved these awesome long-exposure shots taken from space.
  • This post by author Regina Sirois brought tears to my eyes – I love reading about other’s successes!
  • This book has been getting a lot of buzz lately and it’s next on my to-read list (er, I guess it’s on my list of to-read-whenever-my-name-gets-through-the-long-waiting-list-at-the-library). Futuristic fantasy? Sign me up!
  • I also enjoyed the author’s blog post on enjoying the journey instead of focusing on achievements.

That’s all for today! You guys have any fun plans for the weekend?

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