Paris Interludes: London, Monaco, and Nice

Since the whole purpose in going to Europe was for Terry to go to a work conference, he had to actually, you know, go to his work conference. Which, lucky for him, was in Monaco, bordering the south of France.


That poor boy. His life is so hard.

He described Monaco as “Monterey, CA on steroids.” So, yeah. Pretty nice. Every day I got an update of how many expensive and fancy cars he had walked past. He stayed in Nice and took the train in to Monaco each day for his conference. Not a bad place for a work shindig, I’d say.

nice, france

There was one moment when he saw some Chinese girls struggling to communicate in French. He doesn’t speak enough Mandarin yet to help them at all, but it turns out the girls spoke Spanish! So there was Terry, speaking Spanish to two Chinese girls, in the south of France, telling them how to get to the tram station. This world really is a small place sometimes. 🙂

Meanwhile, I headed to London to visit one of my college friends who is living in London with her husband.

cadence apt

Behold, the view from her apartment. My life is pretty hard too, clearly. 😉

All joking aside, though, London really was awesome. I think it’s gotten cooler since the last time I was there a decade or so ago. Not that it wasn’t cool the first time I was there, but that time I was doing all of the typical London things and this time I left all of the big, touristy sights and just wandered around the streets. It was delightful and charming. London caught my eye this time, that’s for sure.

tea time

One of my favorite things was afternoon tea that we took at Liberty. Cadence and I spent hours just gabbing and eating tiny finger sandwiches, incredible scones, and dainty desserts. So lovely! We should probably have finger sandwiches and scones most days of our lives.

When Terry’s conference ended, we both hopped on trains back to Paris for a few more days of fun in my favorite city. Stay tuned for more!!

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  1. What a delightful time for both of you, even though you were not together. I have always enjoyed London very much,, but my favorite time was my last time there with Joe. We also just walked the streets & had a good time being “Londoners” instead of tourists. I have very good memories of Monaco. I went there with a girlfriend when I was still single and we had a lot of fun. The south of France is quite beautiful.


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