1 year ago

Goodbye, 2015

Dear 2015, We’ve had some fun times, you and I. Together, we’ve seen me push a baby out of my body, feed said baby approximately five zillion times, and eat three tons of food each Keep Reading

2 years ago

Six Years

Six years – to the day – after we get married, I wake up with a nasal strip on my nose, smelling faintly of Vicks VapoRub. Terry comes into our room. “Breakfast is ready,” he Keep Reading

2 years ago

The Best Daddies

The best daddies are the ones who love to play with their babies. The ones who come home from work and are happy to give mom a break right away. The ones who can make Keep Reading

2 years ago

Lost in Translation

I understand this sentiment. Sometimes I love Christmas so much I want to marry it, too. The mint m&m’s, the snow, the caroling – who wouldn’t want to be married to that??