One Year

It’s been a crazy month and a half at Casa Caitlin. Or rather, not at my casa. We’ve spent a big portion of the last six weeks traveling (Hong Kong! Qatar! Beijing!) or having house guests (hello sista!!!). All of it was tons of fun (details to come, don’t worry!), and super exhausting, and we’re happy to be back home (although we’re planning on another trip soon). (Sick of these parentheses yet? Too bad.)

In the middle of all that (the day after we arrived home from Beijing, to be exact), was Sander’s birthday. I’m big into birthdays, so no way was I letting this one slide by just because we were tired. Although, I did consent to buying his presents on the afternoon of his birthday, with baby in tow. And we didn’t bother to wrap them. That’s the kind of stuff you can get away with when the kid’s only turning 1, right? ?

We kept his birthday nice and chill – some cake, a couple presents, extra snuggles and kisses. ??? It’s easy to love this little guy.

cake smash-1

He’s always smiling.

His favorite toy is a little wooden noisemaker walking toy (there’s probably  name for this thing but I have no idea what it is), and mostly he just holds it like a scepter as he cruises along the furniture.

cake smash-2

He’s just started sucking his thumb.

cake smash-3

He’s got four teeth in and two more just barely popping through.

He was psyched for the cake and mostly just ate the frosting off the top.

cake smash-5

He finally started saying “mama” about three days ago.

He can stumble a few steps all on his own.

He eats A TON and is happy to eat whatever we put in front of him-be it peking duck, plum-filled steamed buns, mashed pumpkin, cinnamon waffles, tacos, empanadas, samosas, oatmeal, curry, or puffed cereal. Except scrambled egg. So far he doesn’t like scrambled egg (obviously I’m on a mission to change that).

cake smash-6

He spent a lot of nights during our travels clawing my face and whining in our bed (I hate sharing a bed with a baby) before finally, blessedly falling asleep. And he spent a lot of days missing naps. We’re still catching up on sleep.

cake smash-7

In the year he’s been alive, he’s traveled to America, Hong Kong, Yangshuo, Qatar, and Beijing. He’s walked along the Great Wall of China, and fallen flat on his face on our marble floor countless times.

He spends a good majority of his time pulling all the board books out of the cupboard, and most recently, dropping them all over the top of the baby gate and down the stairs.

cake smash-10

He loves to Skype with people and grins at the computer the whole time. His grandparents are all thrilled about this.

You are so loved, little guy. You are your daddy’s little ball-throwing buddy, your mama’s budding bookworm, our favorite travel companion and snuggler, and a perfect fit to our family. Everything is more fun with you around. Happy birthday, little Sandman.

cake smash-8