Hong Kong Days

I spent 3 days last week in Hong Kong for a women’s conference, and then went back just yesterday with Terry for our visas (well, his visa, since I had just been there, but I thought I’d go with him anyway – I’m a good wife like that 😉 ). We’ve been to Hong Kong several times but it’s always been a bit stressful because we’re only ever there for the day, which means we have a bus we have to catch by a certain time in order to get home, and we’re always trying to run errands in Hong Kong. It’s a great place for us to do errands because things are often in English, are easier to navigate, and are – how shall I say this? – a bit more trustworthy when it comes to things like medicine. 😉

photo 1
The view from the house I stayed at over the weekend. Simply stunning!

But this last week, I had no errands to run. No pressing need to get back on the bus by 5:30. I feel like I finally got a bit more of a feel for Hong Kong. It was so fun! And it’s always amazing to me how stark the difference is the second you cross over the China border. There’s way less trash everywhere in Hong Kong, there’s no spitting allowed, people follow the rules, and – get this – they even know how to stand in a line and politely wait their turn. Something the Chinese still seem to be learning. 😉

photo 3
Scaffolding made from bamboo!!

I went to Ladies Market with a whole bunch of girlfriends and had Dim Sum and stood on the metro for forever, wishing I had a seat. I made some new friends. I introduced them to Tim Tam Slam, which is basically hot chocolate heaven. And when I went back with Terry we got ice cream from an ice cream truck and hiked up a big hill to the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery where we watched the turtles climb all over each other for like ten minutes. We ooh’d and ahh’d over the opulence of the monastery and the cool architecture.

photo 4
I think this place really did have 10,000 Buddhas. They were everywhere!!

And we went to the jade market and haggled and laughed at how quickly they dropped their prices. We got some souvenirs and wandered through a few more markets before desperately trying to find dinner before it was time to get back on the bus. We finally found some sandwiches at a mall, which we ate outside on the little cement wall before hopping back across the China border. We reminisced about our very first time crossing that border, the day we moved to China, and how it was basically the scariest place in the world then and how now, we know exactly how to handle it and how to get rid of the annoying drivers soliciting you for rides. We shrugged when the bus broke down halfway through the ride home and smiled at our forethought of eating dinner and finding a bathroom before getting on said bus. We made it home an hour or so later than we thought we would, but all in all it was a perfect Hong Kong day.

And you know what? I think we’re getting better at handling this whole thing. 🙂

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