Ready, set, launch!

I feel like a new blog warrants an introduction. But how to begin? I’ve moved 14 times in my 24 years and the favorite question in an introduction is “where are you from?” But since that’s my least favorite question in the world (cuz, hello – 14 moves. I have no idea what the answer is!) we can’t begin there.

We could begin with where I am now – working while my husband’s in grad school.  I could tell you all about the rather dull part time job I finally landed after 7 months of post-college unemployment, or the much more exciting-sounding part time job I begin in about a week. I could wax poetic about the sauna-like heat I enjoy on a daily basis, or the year-round produce I happily use to stuff my face.

But all that neglects my past, which makes up a very big part of me. You would be missing out hearing on crazy adventures like living in Paris as a teenager, finding pieces of home on a well-lit stage and buried in books, and working on the dock in rain-soaked Alaska just before working in sun-drenched Florida at ‘the happiest place on earth’ (although the furry costume did not make for the happiest job on earth).

I suppose we can just begin with a tiny step – one little post.  All stories begin with a single step, and I suppose that’s what this blog is truly about – the stories of life. Not mine, because that would make for an exceedingly self-centered blog. But the stories that bring us all together, the stories that we wish we could be living, and the stories we have written for ourselves. And because I’m a fan of all things fantasy, this blog is a place for the stories of heroes and heroines, adventures – of the everyday variety along with the blow-your-mind-change-your-life sort. A place for a sprinkle of pixie dust along with a fighting ground to beat down those dragons.

This blog is an adventure. Join me.

Now tell me, what’s your story?

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