2 years ago

Pomegranate Guacamole

Stick with me here for a minute. This is not your everyday guacamole (although it probably should be – it’s that good!). And while I love me some good-ole traditional guacamole, this offers something entirely Keep Reading

3 years ago

How To Make Cookies In China

So you’ve gathered all your ingredients and are ready to make cookies. Good for you! You’ve already made it past the first major hurdle. Now it’s time to make the cookie dough! Grab out that Keep Reading

3 years ago

Thai Cooking Class

Obviously, food is like the most important part of any vacation, right? Especially when you’re in Thailand and every piece of food is like a culinary masterpiece. 🙂 Being all into cooking like I am, Keep Reading

4 years ago

Making Breakfast Better

Breakfast and I have a complicated relationship. As a child, I found it absurd that anyone would skip breakfast. I mean – what’s that all about?! Don’t you love food?! Don’t you have dreams of Keep Reading

4 years ago

China: Foraging for Food

My mother-in-law said she was talking to Terry’s aunt the other day, who asked how I’ve been spending my time in China. Her answer: Caitlin forages for food. Ha! Yes. That’s pretty much accurate. I’ll Keep Reading