1 year ago

Quick and Easy Fajita Nachos

Sander has been learning to “cook” lately. I give him super important jobs like “hey buddy, can you move these dried peas (that have no place in our dinner) from this container to this container?” or Keep Reading

2 years ago

Pina Colada Tres Leches Cake

According to Terry, who lived in Mexico for two years, Cinco de Mayo is a fake Mexican holiday. Which is perfect for this cake, because I’m pretty sure there’s nothing authentically Mexican about it, except Keep Reading

2 years ago

Simple Hummus Recipe

Everyone needs a simple hummus recipe in their life, right? Or else what do you eat your pita chips with? Or your tortillas with cucumber? Or your carrot sticks? #firstworldproblems Every time I make this, Keep Reading

2 years ago

Classic Homestyle Chili

It’s been a cold couple of weeks here in southern China. Made even colder by the fact that central heating is an uncommon occurrence here. We’ve got some space heaters, but the buildings are all Keep Reading

2 years ago

Baby-led Weaning 101

Let me tell you about one of my favorite things we’ve done with Sander: baby-led weaning. If you’re unfamiliar with this, the basic idea is that instead of buying pureed, jarred baby foods (or making Keep Reading