Best Christmas Presents For Your Writer-ly Friend

Someone asked me a few days ago what I recommended as good gift ideas for writers. In case any of you out there are struggling with the same problem, I’ve come up with this handy-dandy list! (I love lists. Lists are my friends. They should be your friend too.)

  •  Scrivener – Hands down, this is the best thing I’ve bought to help in my writing. At its heart, Scrivener is a word processing program, but it’s so much more than that I don’t even know if I can handle it. It’s software that’s made specifically with writers of lengthy documents in mind. It’s super intuitive and crazy easy to get started with it, but at the same time has dozens of cool features that help in every stage of writing from brainstorming and plotting and planning to writing that first draft to revising it a million billion times, all the way to formatting it into a nice, neat manuscript. And bonus, it’s super cheap!
  • Aqua Notes – These are possibly the coolest things in the world. Do you find yourself getting ideas in the shower often? Then this one is for you! This is a waterproof notepad with a suction cup that sticks it to the shower wall. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been thinking of a scene or a plot point while I’m showering and an idea comes to me and I can’t write it down! Terrible thing really. And thus, Aqua Notes.
  • The Emotion Thesaurus  – This book is gold. It goes through dozens of different emotions – fear, anxiety, happiness, boredom, etc., and lists for each one of those everything that goes on in a person’s body when they’re experiencing that emotion. This was so helpful to have when I was revising and thinking “hmm, my characters sure do blink a lot when they’re in stress.” I could just whip this out, flip to the appropriate page, and find dozens of other things that would be going on with my character with that emotion. Bam, just like that.
  • A book – You can’t go wrong with this standby. As long as it’s a good book. 🙂
  • The gift of time – So many writers are squeezing in writing time around other things – kids, spouses, full-time employment, running a household, going on vacation, paying the bills – it goes on and on (as it does for all of us). Try giving your writer the gift of a few extra hours to write – watch their kids, hire a cleaning service for a day (or week, or month, or heck, why not a year?!), make them dinner so they don’t have to – whatever you can do to get them a little extra time.

Happy gifting!

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