Hi there! Glad you stopped by.

I’m Caitlin, queen of  all you see here at An Adventure, Darling (and queen of finding excuses to wear costumes, but that’s another story). Caitlin (66)

I read a lot, and then I write the kinds of things I enjoy reading. Some of that is here on this blog and a lot of it is in the form of a manuscript for a fantasy novel I’m working on getting out into the world. My husband Terry and I have been living abroad in China since August 2013 and baby Sander joined the craziness in 2015.

I spend my days kissing squishy baby cheeks ???, working on my fantasy novel, reading, and trying to find familiar ingredients to use for dinner (I mean, it’s been two years in China now, shouldn’t I have this figured out?!).


Here on the blog you’ll find our everyday moments that make up this adventure we call life- whether that’s dealing with living in a country where I don’t speak the language, eating my way through a good book, snuggling the baby, or desperately trying to find real food (that please, for the love of everything good, is fast and easy (also cheap) (and mostly delicious)) to put on the dinner table.


If you like traveling, stuffing your face with yummy food, hanging with the fam, and losing yourself in a good book, you’re in the right place. Welcome!

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