9 Months

Oh my gosh, how is it even possible I have a 9 month old?! Wasn’t he just born, like, yesterday?! Well, Sander has officially been outside my womb for longer than he was inside my womb, so I guess I better accept that he’s growing up. ??? (Noooo!! He will never grow up! He will always be my baby and I will never cut his hair! You hear me, Terry?! Never!)


This little guy has just captured our hearts. He is a squishy, wiggly ball of energy and love, and we can’t get enough of him. A few things about him at this age:

  • He loves cruising around the furniture and has just discovered the wonder of opening cupboards! We don’t ever have him in the kitchen except to eat, but the living room has a couple cupboards where we keep the books and DVD’s. His new favorite game is to go to the book cupboard, throw all the books on the ground, and swing around on the cupboard door for as long as he can before I can stop him. ?
  • He loves eating and is pretty cool with just eating whatever we give him. We gave him curry for the first time the other night. It was hilarious. We put a lot of rice with it so it wouldn’t be too spicy, but it had a bit more of a kick than we anticipated (that’s what I get for buying a different brand of curry paste). He liked it at first, until the heat caught up to him, and then he was a little freaked out. We gave him some of the veggies without the curry sauce after that and he downed those like it was nobody’s business. Way to go, kid! Curry gets better every time! (Right, Terry??)
  • He still only has two teeth, on the bottom, but they’re getting bigger and you can see them every time he smiles now, which is often.
  • He sleeps great in his crib, but does not at all like sleeping in our arms. Usually, that’s fine, but if we’re traveling for the day it makes it a little difficult. We went to Hong Kong the other day and just took him in the ergo. He slept a grand total of 20 minutes from 8 am to 6:30 pm. Yikes! Luckily, he’s still usually pretty happy, and sometimes just gets more smiley the more tired he gets.
  • We built him his first mini-fort the other day and he loved it. He crawled right in and just started laughing. It was basically the best moment of my year so far. ?


  • The more tired he gets, the louder he becomes. Not like crying-loud, but just loud babbling.
  • His favorite thing to look at is the baby mobile we got for him in Vietnam when I was pregnant. Every time I’m putting him down in his crib, he looks up at it and just grins and giggles. It is my very favorite.
  • He is content to play on his own for quite a while. Probably the bulk of his day is spent on the floor playing by himself while I’m watching from nearby. I try to spend some time each day reading with him, singing to him, and taking him outside. Then I just like to see him explore the world. It’s so fun to imagine what it all looks like for him and how incredible everything about this world is to him.
  • He tugs on his hair when he gets frustrated. I’m not sure if this is from watching me – I twirl my hair around my finger all the time – or if he’s just discovered he has hair on his head and is exploring it the way he explores everything else.

Seriously, this kid makes it easy to enjoy being a mom. Keep it up, little guy!