2016 Goals

I am a goal freak. I love setting goals. It’s, like, a hobby of mine. Can’t say I always achieve them, but man, when I’ve got a goal in front of me, I go for it. Sometimes this is completely exhausting and I find myself totally excited and psyched for all the awesome stuff I’m gonna go do one minute, and the next minute just tired from all that thinking. ???

There’s just so many ways to go about making goals, you know? Am I going to set just a few goals to work towards for the whole year? Am I going to pick a theme for the year and set up goals on a month-by-month basis? Am I going to just figure out a few goals to set on auto for the next year, like making a dish without a recipe once a week (yes, that’s one of my goals this year – time to move beyond recipes, mostly because China is in-conducive to conventional Western cooking)?

And then there are just so many areas in my life that I feel like need goals. I learned in my public health major about the 5 dimensions of health – physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual. So I could set some goals in each of those areas. Or, I could set goals according to the roles I’ve taken on in my life: a wife, mom, homemaker, writer, blogger, individual, daughter, etc.

So many decisions. So exciting and so exhausting. (Do you feel it?! Do you feel the excitement AND the exhaustion?! ??) It’s like I’m constantly torn between reaching for big, bold, undreamable dreams, and keeping my feet firmly planted in reality. I see value in both those, and that elusive “balance” between the two is like a unicorn – I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist, but I keeping hoping maybe it does. ☺️

In the past, I’ve been pretty organized with my goals. This year, totally unorganized. #keepinitreal. Unicorn, baby. I haven’t come to any decisions on the above issues. Instead, I’ve mashed them all together into what I’m sure is an unachievable glob of big and little things, that I’m going to work at as if it’s not unachievable. I’m not sharing all my goals here – some aren’t things I want to share on a blog – but here are a few of the resolutions I’ve made for the year, in all their unorganized, overly-ambitious glory:


  • Be more silly. I read a quote recently that said something like “A child is like the moon – he reflects the light of the universe around him.” ? Well, I’d like Sander’s universe to be filled with a mom who, among other things, doesn’t take things too seriously and can find the fun in the small, everyday moments. (I’d also like to filly is universe with books, and sports, and a love of the outdoors, and delicious food, and on and on and on. We’re building his universe one little star at a time. ⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?).
  • Make one meal each week that doesn’t require a recipe. This is part of my ongoing quest to not want to stab something every time I make dinner in this country. No recipe = easy enough I can just wing it, right? I’m thinking things like baked potatoes with a salad, or tuna paninis, or whatever.
  • Get an agent for my book. I know, you forgot I was working on a book. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about it, but it has not been a while since I’ve worked on it. In fact, I work on it all the freaking time. ???? ? And guys, I’m seriously proud of where it’s at right now. You may remember I queried it out to a few agents, once upon a time (*cough cough* like two years ago *cough cough*). Out of the nine agents I queried, three requested all or some of the manuscript. One of those agents sent back something more than just a form rejection. She sent back a rejection along with like two lines of feedback that have turned out to be incredibly helpful. I took some time away from the manuscript and slooooowly (thank you, pregnancy) reworked the whole thing. It took way longer than I anticipated, but I’m giving myself a break because I created a human in that time too.  ???? ? But it is this close to being totally done again. I’m just running a (hopefully) quick polish round and then it is done. Again. For reals. Again. I’m super hopeful that by the end of the month I can be ready to jump back into querying. And I’m also super hopeful (hopefully not naively so) that I can get an agent to bite this time. Wish me luck!
  • Take a family hike/bike ride/climb every week. This is something Terry and I decided on together (read: I decided on it, excitedly vomited the idea all over Terry, and he said “okay, cool”). I’m hoping this can help us do a couple of things: 1) get outside more, 2) figure out how to do the whole outside thing with a baby in tow, 3) teach Sander to like being outside, 4) move our bodies more, and 5) create memories as a family. I love family projects. Onward and upwards, my friends! ✊?? (PS – hike numero uno on Saturday went really well – we went way further than I expected because Terry was sure the top was just up one more switchback, which it wasn’t, and he was sure that the stairs to the left led down to the parking lot, which they didn’t, and we had a grand old time being lost for about 2.3 minutes before we decided to bushwhack our way out of the junkyard we ended at, out into the street we could see through the foliage. #win
  • Master Chinese cooking. I would just be so sad if I spent three years here and didn’t ever figure out how to make bomb Chinese food. So look out for some of those recipes to hit the blog sometime this year. Up first: egg and tomato over rice. ?
  • Write down something every day I’m grateful for.
  • Make meditation a regular part of my routine. So far I’ve been exploring the Headspace app, which I’ve really really enjoyed. And I’ve only fallen asleep once while doing it. ?


What are some of your goals for the year? Do you like making goals or does that not jive with your style?? I mean, in theory I’ve got all the goals I want, but I always love stealing inspiration from others’ goals, so – ya know – I really wanna know. ?