20 Items to Add to Your Grocery List to Kickstart Your Easy-Peasy Healthy Eating in 2017

Am I the only one feeling like my body could really use a bit of love after the holidays? I mean, I was showing it love in other ways – like, by giving it all the sugar cookies it could handle. ? And that was fun and all, but I’m so ready for a little detox. And the new year is a perfect time to start your healthy eating kick again, right?
Easy items to add to your grocery list for healthy eating!
Obviously, everyone’s definition of healthy varies, but for me, it means heavy on the vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, and low on the processed foods. And what I need now are foods that are fast and easy. As in, require-no-recipe kind of easy. Most of the things on this list lend themselves well to snacking, or for lunch, in addition to the bigger stuff like dinner. There’s a few things in here that would be right at home at a celebration of any kind too, whether that’s a New Year’s party, a family movie night, or a fancy evening-in with friends. Which is just the kind of thing I need when I’m still feeling all holiday-esque but needing a break from sugar. ?
Although, I’m writing this post while snacking on a bowl of goldfish crackers, so. . . you know. Moderation and stuff. ?
Easy items to add to your grocery list for healthy eating!
  1. Chickpeas – for hummus, falafel (which freezes great, bytheway!), salads, meatless tacos (just sauté them in taco seasoning for a minute).
  2. Bell peppers – to use in salads, omelets, sandwiches, dipping in your hummus, or just as a snack on their own.
  3. Cherry tomatoes – these generally have a better taste than bigger tomatoes in the winter, and are perfect for snacking.
  4. Avocados – for use in absolutely everything – sandwiches, soups, salads, omelets, on crackers, on toast. I mean, guacamole is pretty much just straight up vegetables, so go at it! #guacamoleistruelove
  5. Washed baby spinach – so easy to just throw a few leaves on a sandwich or into a smoothie and add some more greens to your day. Healthy eating for the win!
  6. Cilantro – healthy food is so much more appealing with fresh herbs and this one is so versatile. Suddenly you’re craving southwestern bean and veggie dip instead of more fudge. It’s like magic, I tell you.
  7. Basil – chop some up with your cherry tomatoes and a bit of olive oil, and top your favorite bread or cracker for easy bruschetta. Way healthier for you than that late-night bowl of Lucky Charms (which, gonna be honest, is calling my name right now #truth).
  8. Grapefruit – these are in season in the winter and are the easiest kind of thing to add to your breakfast. Just cut in half and dig in with your spoon!
  9. Plain yogurt – reach for this instead of the ice cream, add some ice, fruit (fresh or frozen) and a drizzle of honey, blend it all up and have a smoothie.
  10. Brown rice crackers – top this with your favorite nut butter, smashed avocado, mashed fruit, or just eat plain. Whole grains for the win!
  11. Bananas – nature’s perfect snack, all individually wrapped for you. Great for sweetening up your smoothies, or perfect for eating on their own.
  12. Popcorn kernels – freshly popped popcorn is the perfect treat for coming off a holiday-induced sugar high. Healthy and festive. We love our popcorn popper, but you can just as easily pop this in a brown paper bag in the microwave. Add a drizzle of butter if you want, or spritz with a bit of oil (or we’ve even used water!) and add a bit of salt for a tasty treat that doesn’t make your insides want to die.
  13. Frozen fruit medley – for those smoothies!! Add a bit of spinach and look at you, being all healthy and stuff!
  14. Black beans, kidney beans, and white beans – basically all the beans. I love beans. They’re perfect in salads, soups, pastas – just… Get the beans. Trust me on this one.
  15. Tuna fish – again with the soup, salad, sandwich goodness! You sensing a theme here??? Pull together a handful of the above ingredients and make yourself a tasty lunch – tuna with white beans, maybe some olive oil and cilantro, go crazy with a few chopped up cherry tomatoes and put the whole thing on your rice crackers! Boom! Lunch is served!
  16. Baby carrots – the perfect lunchtime accompaniment because it requires absolutely no work. That’s my kind of lunch right there.
  17. Lentils – something to put all your veggies on. Again, I’m loving the versatility here. We love lentils in soups, quesadillas, I even had a roommate who used to make sloppy joes with lentils instead of meat, and they were seriously yummy.
  18. Applesauce – okay, I’ll be honest, I usually only like applesauce if it’s homemade. But Sander downs those applesauce pouches like it’s his job, so if you’re trying to get healthy foods into your kids, this is a huge win in my book. Especially if you get one of those kinds that’s also mixed with carrots or mango or something. More veggies can only help, right?!
  19. Lemons – makes everything taste fresh. Lemons, you make healthy eating look good. ? Squeeze some on your avocado for super-quick-and-easy guacamole, drizzle the juice on your salad with a bit of olive oil instead of store-bought dressing, or add this to your tuna salad for a bit of zing.
  20. Balsamic vinegar – marinate your cherry tomatoes in a bit of this with some basil and olive oil, then try roasting them for a tasty snack. Ooooh that sounds good. Plus it’s so easy to drizzle on your salad (again with a bit of olive oil) for a no-brainer, no-sugar, no-high-fructose-corn-syrup dressing. Bonus points if it’s a fun flavor of balsamic vinegar (did you even know those existed?! This one here is raspberry-infused and is ?).

Easy items to add to your grocery list for healthy eating!

What would you add?? Any good ideas for fitting healthy eating into your life the next few months? Or yummy recipes I should try???