101 in 1001

My friend Cadence just posted her second round of setting 101 goals to be accomplished in 1001 days (which comes out to roughly three years). I had so much fun reading hers I thought I’d write my own! I love setting goals and I feel like this year has just completely knocked me flat (um, over and over and over again – update coming soon). I’ve spent a lot of my energy just trying to survive. And that’s alright. Life comes in seasons and this one has required a lot of slowing down. I’ve learned a lot about myself in doing so and have embraced a lot of what comes with that. But I sense a change of season coming upon us soon, and with that I’m feeling a bit of energy for enriching my life and (hopefully) improving upon myself. (Although, that could be because I just showered – this energy may be a short-lived thing that only lasts until Sander wakes up from his nap.) The great thing about making such a long list of goals, is that you get a lot of tiny, just-for-fun, mostly silly goals. It really helps to spice up life, eh?


Starting August 30, 2016 and ending May 28, 2019:

  1. Take a tour of Shanghai street foods with friends (is it cheating if I already had this planned for tonight? I’m just gonna go with it . . .)
  2. Go to the Muslim Friday street market
  3. Read a biography of a woman I admire
  4. Color my hair purple for a few days
  5. Start budgeting again using YNAB
  6. Meditate every day for a month
  7. Go biking at least three times a week for a month
  8. Decorate the house like a real-live grown-up
  9. Take the telescope out for viewing the stars at least three times
  10. Figure out night photography
  11. Become competent in photoshop
  12. Host a tea party with fancy finger sandwiches
  13. Start or join a bookclub
  14. Join another writing group
  15. Finish first draft of new novel
  16. Send out queries for new novel
  17. Host another murder mystery party
  18. Make and try borscht
  19. Find a regular babysitter and date the husband ?
  20. Buy a book from an independent bookstore
  21. Host a make-your-own pizza night with friends
  22. Travel somewhere new-to-me in the US
  23. Travel somewhere new-to-me outside the US
  24. Clean out all our possessions and keep only what I love
  25. Start practicing the piano again – learn to play 5 Christmas songs that are fun to sing to
  26. Read the complete works of Mr. William Shakespeare
  27. Hike a mountain I’ve never been to before
  28. Buy a real-live Christmas tree and sleep a night next to it with the twinkly lights on
  29. Run on a beach
  30. Take a break from sugar for a month
  31. Restart reading a few paragraphs in French every day
  32. Hang a nice family photo in our home
  33. Go dancing somewhere in public
  34. Be able to do a back-bend in yoga
  35. Rock climb somewhere outside
  36. Master egg-wrapped dumplings at home
  37. Start and keep up an art journal
  38. Master making one Thai meal and one Thai dessert
  39. Learn to identify all the countries in the world on a map
  40. Subscribe to a podcast
  41. Organize the music on my computer and use the improvement to sing more
  42. Come up with a filing system for all the computer stuff
  43. Take Sander outside everyday, regardless of the weather
  44. Find a cause I believe in and take three tiny steps in helping
  45. Open a college savings account for Sander
  46. Buy a plant
  47. Write a will
  48. Take a trip with someone other than Terry and Sander – sisters or friends or something
  49. Have an herb garden and learn to use them more in fresh and simple cooking
  50. Cook one meal each week without a recipe
  51. Take one step towards buying one (recurring) item in a way that’s produced fairly and ethically
  52. Wear lipstick in public
  53. Have a media-free weekend once a year
  54. Attend a sporting event with Terry
  55. Participate in a 30-day photography challenge
  56. Go to a writing conference
  57. Take a workshop class to learn something new
  58. Go to a doctor for a thorough physical and to ask about little nagging annoyances
  59. Make a new friend
  60. Write and send a thank-you note for something
  61. Get a real massage to relax from all the stress of the past year
  62. Make homemade bread for a month
  63. Go to the theater to see a play or musical at least 3 times
  64. Read with Sander almost every day
  65. Visit a new museum
  66. Create a capsule wardrobe and post about it
  67. Try xiaolongbao
  68. Master Pete’s African recipes
  69. Go swimming once just to do laps
  70. Attend a concert
  71. Talk to another mom at the park
  72. Learn how to fry things without the oil splattering everything and burning me
  73. Make and drink a green smoothie everyday for a month
  74. Find three super-easy vegetable-heavy side dishes to incorporate into dinners
  75. Write a post of 100 things I’m grateful for
  76. Learn to make pinterest graphics
  77. Take a class on something totally new to me physically – karate, kung-fu, boxing, something like that
  78. Join a new library
  79. Create a hot chocolate ritual for winter mornings
  80. Teach Sander three songs
  81. Display family motto somewhere in our home
  82. Go through all the blogs I subscribe to and delete the ones I skip
  83. Organize all the photos on the computer
  84. Ritualize a day of rest at home – “soup days” as The Simple Show called it – and Sundays don’t count
  85. Learn how to bleach my stained whites
  86. Learn to make Indian food
  87. Spend a day doing nothing but reading
  88. Take a writing retreat
  89. Learn to identify 10 constellations
  90. Go to a ComicCon
  91. Take a hike to see the sunrise
  92. Try three ice cream shops in a single city to find the best mint chocolate chip ice cream
  93. Unsubscribe from all the annoying emails I get
  94. Take a bubble bath with lit candles around
  95. Use essential oils to help with an ailment
  96. Create or participate in a themed photo shoot just for fun
  97. Go on a picnic
  98. Watch a movie outdoors
  99. Make Terry breakfast in bed one day
  100. Create a new family tradition
  101. Make a family photo book