10 Months

I know this is a totally cliche mother thing to say, but I can’t believe how fast my little boy is growing up!! What on earth am I going to do when he reaches an actual birthday?! Just – I can’t even think about it. We’re just taking it one day at a time. Here’s where we’re at right now:


  • Sander still only has two teeth – both on bottom. I will never stop thinking they’re adorable.
  • His favorite toy is a little string of bow-tie pasta made from felt. It is it the funniest thing. He just goes all over the place with this absurd toy clutched in his hand.
  • He typically sleeps 13-14 hours at night (waking up once near the end to nurse), and takes two hour and a half long naps. Bless you forever, child, for being such a good sleeper. Mama loves that.
  • There have been a couple times when he’s bitten me while he’s nursing – nothing too hard yet (thank goodness), but I’ve popped him off and scolded him and told him “no” each time it’s happened. Each time, his mouth turns way way down into this adorable frown, and his eyes well up with tears, and his lip quivers and he hangs his head in shame and just starts to wail. It is the saddest and sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen.
  • His favorite food is pumpkin. It gets all over his hair and face, and comes out the other end looking nearly the same as it did going in, but he will eat that stuff like there’s no tomorrow. He also really liked the bite of melty marshmallow Terry gave him. Atta boy!
  • He can stand on his own, but he doesn’t usually like to. If we try to make him, he’ll just buckle his knees and sit down.
  • I have never seen such a smiley child. He just spends all day grinning, and I eat it up. Nothing is better than a smiling, laughing baby.
  • If music starts to play, he starts to dance. So far “dancing” consists of bending his knees a little and kind of bouncing, but it’s such a crack-up to watch.
  • Scrambled eggs seem to be one of his least favorite foods. He’s just started throwing them on the ground after taking a few bites. That’s been fun to clean up.
  • We think he may finally be starting to catch on to the baby sign language we’ve been trying to teach him. Still tough to say, but he might be getting the hang of “more” and “all done” while we’re eating.
  • He’s been able to say “dada” for a while now, but nothing else. Someday “mama” will come, right?!